Breakfast Foods

Top 5 Breakfast Foods

Skipping the most important meal of the day isn’t a good idea. Fueling your body for the day’s activities is necessary, and the breakfast should contain all those essential nutrients. While some believe that breakfast is best taken at the beginning of the day, others look to it as the one that can be taken at any time. Regardless of the time, a healthy meal is what you must add to your diet. When your goal is to have healthy eating patterns, make sure to have your breakfast before the clock hits the start of noon. Brunch shouldn’t be a meal that you add to your method of food consumption since it disturbs the whole setting of a healthy meal distribution.

You might disagree to the above points depending on your way of living a day, but this is the ideal way of taking it. However, a dissent on the topic of the best breakfast foods is highly unlikely to happen. Here is a compilation of some of the top breakfast foods that people love to take for both taste and nutrition.

1.      Scrambled Eggs

Having an egg every day might not keep the doctor away but can keep you spirited all through the day. It can be tailor-made according to your taste with veggies, meat, or cheese. This highly versatile breakfast can be easily made into omelets, which are also favorites of many people. Scrambled eggs can be further molded into many such forms, but the most prized one is the bacon and salsa-laden burrito for breakfast.

Scrambled Eggs

2.      Biscuits and Gravy

Not many people might prefer this food as it adds two contrasting tastes. You couldn’t actually have a better breakfast than some sausage gravy poured over a fresh biscuit as the strong foundation to a great day. This meal is an equally filling and energizing one; the nutrients start hitting you all the through the day to keep you active.

3.      Bacon

The evolution from a side dish to a condiment was gradual, but the rise in worldwide popularity was sudden. Not many people might exist who haven’t had a portion of bacon for breakfast. Its crispy, shiny texture with such a delectable flavor makes for a wholesome meal as an add-on.


4.      Cold Pizza

This might come as a surprise to at least some food lovers. Cold pizza isn’t some exclusive preparation for breakfast; the leftover from the previous night that was stored in the refrigerator can be taken in the morning. The cool crust, cheese, and sauces of the pizza impart a whole new flavor to it than what it was when you had the previous night. Pepperoni or sausage pizzas can serve you best in the cold form. Veggie pizzas might have an odd taste to it by the next morning; so, it would be better to avoid taking it cold.

5.      Pancakes

Some chocolate or a dose of sugar can get you going for the next few hours until lunch. Pancakes covered in maple syrup can supply you enough calories for a day; an addition of sweet fruits, honey, or chocolate might add more energy to your diet. If you need more flavor in the pancakes, bananas and blueberries in the batter can give you a whole new area of tastes to explore during breakfast.