5 Foods You Absolutely Must Try in Hawaii

The island state has a lot to offer you to satiate the heightening desires. Capturing the rainbows and the waterfalls for its unblemished, eternal beauty could be just one exciting activity to indulge in while in Hawaii. Sandy beaches are the main attractive feature of this state in the US, but what makes the entire trip to Hawaii memorable is the food. Watching the dolphins muffle their loud sounds while sitting by the palm trees only gets better when you have something to munch onto. You get to experience the real fun of the city by having the traditional food the way the locals eat it. Let us have a look at some of the best foods you have to try when you are touring in Hawaii.

1.      Hawaiian Food

Finding this meal wouldn’t be hard in the land of Hawaii since almost all places offer it. Hawaiian food is what we make of it by having a single meal from the island. You get introduced to the true tastes of the state with the authentic meal that consists of chicken long rice, Lomi Lomi salmon, squid luau, kalua pork, laulau, and poi. Head to any of the traditional restaurants of the state like Helena’s Hawaiian Food to have a wholesome meal.

2.      Spam Musubi

Easily one of the best snacks to be served in Hawaii, Spam Musubi is a dish that can be prepared at home as well. Not many people might feel like tasting this dish for the rather bland look it has. However, the combination of dried seaweed, rice, and fried Spam is something worth trying when strolling about in the cities of Hawaii. You can buy the snack anywhere in the state during the standard hours of restaurants.

3.      Manapua

A conversation about manapua can bring about a fervent enthusiasm in the Hawaiian locals as the steamed and baked versions are the signature snacks of the state. Besides the Hawaiian meal and Spam Musubi, the local cuisine has this tender white bun as a staple. Filling of the buns is as you want it; get it with beans, char siu, or chicken to start with, after which, you can try the customized variants. Head to Honolulu to treat your taste buds with the best manapau in town.


4.      Loco Moco

Your voracious internal system can be satiated with this heavy meal. It could be as tiring to eat it as to make you drowsy from the full stomach. A good sleep after the meal can supply you with energy for the rest of the day. Loco Moco is a great combination of fried egg, hamburger patty, rice, and gravy. You can get it anywhere in the state, but Hilo might be the ideal destination to buy the best version of this dish.

5.      Shave Ice

A dessert that is going to leave you entranced for the rest of your trip is the shave ice. The fine texture of the snow cone with syrups of li hing mui, coconut, and lilikoi slips easily over your tongue to treat your taste buds with this sweet marvel. Addition of ice cream, azuki beans, condensed milk, and mochi balls to the shave ice will make the dessert much more delectable.