4 Perfect Soup and Sandwich Combinations

Sipping onto a delicious soup is an experience some people love to indulge in before heading for the main meal. The nutritious contents of the soup seep through our palette to supply the body with energy. Sandwiches are an entirely different category of food that most people love for the satiable taste and ingredients. These two appetizing foods can serve your taste buds with a great fusion by combining it the right way. Savoring the flavor of the ingredients in the soup gets better when you have something to munch onto, and what better than a slice of bread or sandwich for that crunchy break. Each individual will have a different take on the combination since many of them might like the idea of having the soup with a meaty sandwich, while others may prefer a veggie-filled sandwich. Here is a compilation of some of the perfect soup and sandwich combinations.

1.      Roast Chicken Pan Bagnat with Olive Tapenade and Goat Cheese

The classic Provencal pressed sandwich comes with a twist in this combination with a bowl of onion soup. An addition of goat cheese, thinly sliced vegetables, black olive tapenade, and roasted chicken to the pan bagnat sandwich goes well with the onion soup to treat your appetite with a great delectable starter. Now, to make the bread and onion soup, you will only need about one hour, some cider, butter, onions, and bread as the primary ingredients. In order to let the flavors to marry, you should make the sandwich at least three hours before serving it.

Roast Chicken Pan Bagnat with Olive

2.      Fried Mozzarella Sandwiches and Hearty Tomato Soup

The aroma and texture of the fried mozzarella sandwich will surely avert your eyes towards it. Sided by tomato soup, the fried mozzarella sandwiches come with a filling of molten cheese. Pappa al Pomodoro, also known as bread and tomato soup, is a thick tomato soup that serves as a coat to the sandwich rather than a standard thin soup. You cannot find a better way to start your day than take the soup and sandwich as breakfast.

3.      Stromboli and Roasted Saffron Chicken Soup

While pizza dough is usually used in the preparation of stromboli, Italian bread dough is used to make the crispy crust of the baked roll. The chicken noodle soup with a whole lot of corn and saffron is a light one, and this factor makes it a great combination with the denser flavor of broccoli rabe.

Saffron Chicken Soup

4.      Classic Reubens with Matzo Ball Soup

How do you like the Reuben to be served? Regardless of how you want it, the key to getting it right for this combination is by pressing down on the sandwich with a spatula. By doing this while the sandwich toasts, the cheese melts well, and the crispiness is achieved too. Make sure not to stuff the meat for more than a thickness of two inches since otherwise the interiors might not get sufficiently cooked and warmed. A bowl of classic chicken soup to side the sandwich can always be a great choice; adding a few matzo balls to it would only enhance its flavor and thickness.