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Hidden away at the top of Parley’s Canyon half way between Park City and Salt Lake you’ll find a quaint hide-away where the food is good and the portions are generous.
No Worries Cafe and Grill


We provide the Park City and Salt Lake areas with a breakfast and lunch you won’t soon forget.

Family owned and operated, No Worries Cafe & Grill offers one of the best-kept secrets in Utah. From customizing your own breakfast omelets to mouth watering daily Lunch Specials from our former 5-star hotel chef, Dante Eggan, No Worries Cafe & Grill can provide quaint family dining and catering.’

Why We Are The Best

Super Quality Food

Enjoy the tastiest food in time while you enjoy the ambience that we provide at No worries Cafe and Grill.

We Accept All Cards

We want to make sure your visit enjoyable, which is the reason we accept all credit cards for your benefits.

No Pets Allowed

As much as we love animals, we have a very strict no pets allowed policy for their safety.


The food is delicious, and their services were exceptional. I recommend No worries cafe and grill for everyone.
Jerry Freeman
If you love good music, this is the place you should be at any time of the day. They know how to set your mood back on track and keep you grooving.
Anthony Martin

No Worries Special Menu

“No Worries” Eggs $7.25

Our classic serving of two eggs with toast & hash browns, 
choice of bacon, ham,  links, patties orhot Italian or Portuguese sausage 

Dante’s Inferno $9.50

Sirloin tips, hot Italian sausage, tomatoes, spinach, two cheeses, and fresh garlic tossed in a green pepper sauce, served frittata style and topped with savory hollandaise and Cajun dust.

Dave’s Skillet $9.50

Diced hot Italian sausage, onions, mushrooms, fresh garlic on hash browns with cheesy scrambled eggs, side of holly sauce, topped with a dash of “Cajun Gold”

Our Blog

5 Healthy Eating Suggestions from A Personal Trainer


A lot of us jump over the junk food as our childhood days were filled with healthy veggies and boiled food! The actual problem is that we still haven’t discovered the benefits and reality of healthy eating and a scheduled diet plan. Moreover, as we keep on struggling and balancing around our personal and professional life, we hardly get any such opportunity where we can cope up with requirements of our body and stay proactive as and when required. Our relationships with healthy eating have actually got badly tarnished, and thus, it is high time that we turn down the taste of our tongue and start preferring the health of our gut! To help you in doing so, here are 5 healthy eating tips from London personal Training company rightpathfitness.co.uk


  • Know your food


Fortunately, a lot of us fall under the category of food lovers, especially women, however do you actually know your food? Unfortunately not! There have been various researches which have proved the fact that people don’t actually go through the composition or the containing ingredients in their food items when they plan to eat something. All they do is just listen, smell, see the presentation and get the food down their throat. But before doing so, always go through the complete ingredients of the products that you eat and check they are healthy.


  • Reduce Eating Out At Restaurants 


Due to their busy schedules, people either rely on ready to eat food, or they just prefer eating out every day. However, this is the worst thing that you would do with your body. Find enough time and get to know about the best veggies and fruits which would keep you and your family.


  • Have your portions sorted


You might have seen people usually skipping up their breakfast when they get late to the office, or the people eating bulk of food just twice a day. Well, this is actually wrong. Researche and many specialists suggest that its better you don’t skip your breakfast if your goal is to attain a healthy body. Moreover, divide your food into 4-5 meals across a day. So neither you would feel very hungry, nor would you experience extreme dizziness after having lunch or dinner.


  • Go for fermented food


Get a daily dose of essential probiotic goodness through the help of fermented food. Choose things like sugar free yogurt, kefir, miso, kombucha and a lot more which makes your gut healthy and safe. The beneficial bacteria which they deliver support a good bowel and keep you cherished throughout the day.

4 Perfect Soup and Sandwich Combinations


Sipping onto a delicious soup is an experience some people love to indulge in before heading for the main meal. The nutritious contents of the soup seep through our palette to supply the body with energy. Sandwiches are an entirely different category of food that most people love for the satiable taste and ingredients. These two appetizing foods can serve your taste buds with a great fusion by combining it the right way. Savoring the flavor of the ingredients in the soup gets better when you have something to munch onto, and what better than a slice of bread or sandwich for that crunchy break. Each individual will have a different take on the combination since many of them might like the idea of having the soup with a meaty sandwich, while others may prefer a veggie-filled sandwich. Here is a compilation of some of the perfect soup and sandwich combinations.

1.      Roast Chicken Pan Bagnat with Olive Tapenade and Goat Cheese

The classic Provencal pressed sandwich comes with a twist in this combination with a bowl of onion soup. An addition of goat cheese, thinly sliced vegetables, black olive tapenade, and roasted chicken to the pan bagnat sandwich goes well with the onion soup to treat your appetite with a great delectable starter. Now, to make the bread and onion soup, you will only need about one hour, some cider, butter, onions, and bread as the primary ingredients. In order to let the flavors to marry, you should make the sandwich at least three hours before serving it.

Roast Chicken Pan Bagnat with Olive

2.      Fried Mozzarella Sandwiches and Hearty Tomato Soup

The aroma and texture of the fried mozzarella sandwich will surely avert your eyes towards it. Sided by tomato soup, the fried mozzarella sandwiches come with a filling of molten cheese. Pappa al Pomodoro, also known as bread and tomato soup, is a thick tomato soup that serves as a coat to the sandwich rather than a standard thin soup. You cannot find a better way to start your day than take the soup and sandwich as breakfast.

3.      Stromboli and Roasted Saffron Chicken Soup

While pizza dough is usually used in the preparation of stromboli, Italian bread dough is used to make the crispy crust of the baked roll. The chicken noodle soup with a whole lot of corn and saffron is a light one, and this factor makes it a great combination with the denser flavor of broccoli rabe.

Saffron Chicken Soup

4.      Classic Reubens with Matzo Ball Soup

How do you like the Reuben to be served? Regardless of how you want it, the key to getting it right for this combination is by pressing down on the sandwich with a spatula. By doing this while the sandwich toasts, the cheese melts well, and the crispiness is achieved too. Make sure not to stuff the meat for more than a thickness of two inches since otherwise the interiors might not get sufficiently cooked and warmed. A bowl of classic chicken soup to side the sandwich can always be a great choice; adding a few matzo balls to it would only enhance its flavor and thickness.

Top 5 Breakfast Foods

Breakfast Foods

Skipping the most important meal of the day isn’t a good idea. Fueling your body for the day’s activities is necessary, and the breakfast should contain all those essential nutrients. While some believe that breakfast is best taken at the beginning of the day, others look to it as the one that can be taken at any time. Regardless of the time, a healthy meal is what you must add to your diet. When your goal is to have healthy eating patterns, make sure to have your breakfast before the clock hits the start of noon. Brunch shouldn’t be a meal that you add to your method of food consumption since it disturbs the whole setting of a healthy meal distribution.

You might disagree to the above points depending on your way of living a day, but this is the ideal way of taking it. However, a dissent on the topic of the best breakfast foods is highly unlikely to happen. Here is a compilation of some of the top breakfast foods that people love to take for both taste and nutrition.

1.      Scrambled Eggs

Having an egg every day might not keep the doctor away but can keep you spirited all through the day. It can be tailor-made according to your taste with veggies, meat, or cheese. This highly versatile breakfast can be easily made into omelets, which are also favorites of many people. Scrambled eggs can be further molded into many such forms, but the most prized one is the bacon and salsa-laden burrito for breakfast.

Scrambled Eggs

2.      Biscuits and Gravy

Not many people might prefer this food as it adds two contrasting tastes. You couldn’t actually have a better breakfast than some sausage gravy poured over a fresh biscuit as the strong foundation to a great day. This meal is an equally filling and energizing one; the nutrients start hitting you all the through the day to keep you active.

3.      Bacon

The evolution from a side dish to a condiment was gradual, but the rise in worldwide popularity was sudden. Not many people might exist who haven’t had a portion of bacon for breakfast. Its crispy, shiny texture with such a delectable flavor makes for a wholesome meal as an add-on.


4.      Cold Pizza

This might come as a surprise to at least some food lovers. Cold pizza isn’t some exclusive preparation for breakfast; the leftover from the previous night that was stored in the refrigerator can be taken in the morning. The cool crust, cheese, and sauces of the pizza impart a whole new flavor to it than what it was when you had the previous night. Pepperoni or sausage pizzas can serve you best in the cold form. Veggie pizzas might have an odd taste to it by the next morning; so, it would be better to avoid taking it cold.

5.      Pancakes

Some chocolate or a dose of sugar can get you going for the next few hours until lunch. Pancakes covered in maple syrup can supply you enough calories for a day; an addition of sweet fruits, honey, or chocolate might add more energy to your diet. If you need more flavor in the pancakes, bananas and blueberries in the batter can give you a whole new area of tastes to explore during breakfast.

5 Foods You Absolutely Must Try in Hawaii


The island state has a lot to offer you to satiate the heightening desires. Capturing the rainbows and the waterfalls for its unblemished, eternal beauty could be just one exciting activity to indulge in while in Hawaii. Sandy beaches are the main attractive feature of this state in the US, but what makes the entire trip to Hawaii memorable is the food. Watching the dolphins muffle their loud sounds while sitting by the palm trees only gets better when you have something to munch onto. You get to experience the real fun of the city by having the traditional food the way the locals eat it. Let us have a look at some of the best foods you have to try when you are touring in Hawaii.

1.      Hawaiian Food

Finding this meal wouldn’t be hard in the land of Hawaii since almost all places offer it. Hawaiian food is what we make of it by having a single meal from the island. You get introduced to the true tastes of the state with the authentic meal that consists of chicken long rice, Lomi Lomi salmon, squid luau, kalua pork, laulau, and poi. Head to any of the traditional restaurants of the state like Helena’s Hawaiian Food to have a wholesome meal.

2.      Spam Musubi

Easily one of the best snacks to be served in Hawaii, Spam Musubi is a dish that can be prepared at home as well. Not many people might feel like tasting this dish for the rather bland look it has. However, the combination of dried seaweed, rice, and fried Spam is something worth trying when strolling about in the cities of Hawaii. You can buy the snack anywhere in the state during the standard hours of restaurants.

3.      Manapua

A conversation about manapua can bring about a fervent enthusiasm in the Hawaiian locals as the steamed and baked versions are the signature snacks of the state. Besides the Hawaiian meal and Spam Musubi, the local cuisine has this tender white bun as a staple. Filling of the buns is as you want it; get it with beans, char siu, or chicken to start with, after which, you can try the customized variants. Head to Honolulu to treat your taste buds with the best manapau in town.


4.      Loco Moco

Your voracious internal system can be satiated with this heavy meal. It could be as tiring to eat it as to make you drowsy from the full stomach. A good sleep after the meal can supply you with energy for the rest of the day. Loco Moco is a great combination of fried egg, hamburger patty, rice, and gravy. You can get it anywhere in the state, but Hilo might be the ideal destination to buy the best version of this dish.

5.      Shave Ice

A dessert that is going to leave you entranced for the rest of your trip is the shave ice. The fine texture of the snow cone with syrups of li hing mui, coconut, and lilikoi slips easily over your tongue to treat your taste buds with this sweet marvel. Addition of ice cream, azuki beans, condensed milk, and mochi balls to the shave ice will make the dessert much more delectable.

Outdoor seating is available (weather permitting)

While you are dining, enjoy the magnificent Wasatch Mountains and the fresh air of Parley’s Summit!